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Network Engineer: Skills, Roles & Responsibilities


A Network Engineer is someone that takes ownership to plan and manage the networks to make sure they function as planned. They are the key players and an integral parts of the IT system.

Here’s what you should know to become a Network Engineer:
1. Great in-depth knowledge about your clients and the servers. Know how to email the websites and pages connected using the network
2. How unique identification codes (IP addresses) are used in order to keep the flow of data in control.
3. Good knowledge about network hubs, cables, and switches that come under the hardware blocks of the network.
4. Must know the functioning of firewalls and routers.

Role and Responsibilities of a Network Engineer:
1. The main responsibility of a network engineer is to maintain and control the computer networks and all the associated computing environments like the software in the systems, software applications, and their configurations.
2. They work on disaster recovery and backup of the data stored.
3. A network engineer works on protecting data by organizing, preparing, and enforcing network security measures.
4. Look after troubleshooting, diagnosing, and solving any hardware and software solutions to keep the systems intact.
5. They maintain, track the device and customize and protect it from any virus attacking the software.
6. They keep a check on the performance monitoring and see if there are any changes required.
7. They use the master consoles to control any network and computer system output.
8. They coordinate access to use different computer networks.