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One of Salesforce’s strong principles and beliefs is that business is the greatest platform for change and that together, in Salesforce careers we can all strive to improve the world. Sales force has the best Customer Relationship Management platform (CRM) and they believe that their work will help businesses and communities achieve the best business plans, give strategies to solve their issues and help businesses make the world a better place. Salesforce is a great place where strong careers are built and big dreams of changing the world are met!

As COVID has changed pretty much everything in the world, the older ways of working no longer are in practice. Salesforce has a great flexible way of working and connecting with fellow colleagues which helps in better productivity from home or anywhere. They believe in empowering everyone to be the trailblazers with their culture of success from anywhere. Although many workplaces have opened up, Salesforce still enforces a connected, innovative and productive way of working by providing – office flexible ways, a home based environment and office based environment.

Careers and work opportunities in salesforce are great, which enables their employees to be a part of a global player in many big projects all over the world. They provide opportunities that help change the world with their incredible technology, inclusive programs and initiatives. They are committed to creating a workforce that reflects a society through equality in pay, inclusive benefits, opportunities of work and many more.

Here are a few things you should know about the work place benefits of Salesforce:
1. Flexible work location
As stated earlier, Salesforce provides extremely flexible choices to work at the comfort of your own place.
2. Asynchronous Collaboration
They believe tin the statement, ‘Work when it works for you’, only when you are aligning with your team’s Flex Team Agreement.
3. Monthly Wellness Reimbursement
Salesforce provides a monlthy helath reimbursement where all your gym expenses, meditation app, cooking classes, exercise equipment and more are covered.
4. Work from Home Expense Reimbursement
Whether you’re working at home during the pandemic or a full-time remote employee, Salesforce helps you spruce up that home office
5. Wellbeing Programs
Salesforce believes that ‘To be empowered to do your best, your wellbeing needs to come first.’ Their wellness and benefits program offers resources for employees all over the world.
6. Events Everywhere
Whether you’re tuning in virtually to the employee talent show, experiencing events remotely, or taking a painting class with your team, Salesforce is connecting their culture from anywhere.

So, all in all, with its great benefits of freedom, flexibility and perks, working in Salesforce helps you change the world by you working from anywhere in the world!