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The Best Programming Language to learn first are Software programming has been a lucrative career option for the last 2 decades now, and the opportunities it comes with has only been increasing. As per the survey, programming jobs are expected to rise by 21%by the year 2028. The internet claims that there are around more than 700 programming languages, and hence, deciding which one to learn can be confusing.

Here’s a quick guide for you to understand which programming languages you can start off with from the ocean of them.

  • Python:
    Python is one of the most foundational programming languages which is almost used in different areas like Artificial Intelligence, data science and Machine Learning processes. It is also called the king of all languages, because of its extensive and ease of use and understanding. This is a promise keeper if you are planning to start off your career on the Software side. It also comes with the ease of learning, and its use in multiple applications. This is surely a great way for you to start off with.
  • Java :
    Java has been the reigning champion for global job demand since 2017. By 2020 – 2021 Python started to be a better option than Java, but that doesn’t change the immense demand it has. This is a highly respected language, as most of the world’s largest and most sophisticated companies run on Java. It is also the preferred language for the Internet of Things, and other technologies that allow them to collect and exchange data over the Internet. It is considered more difficult to learn than Python, yet easier to learn than C or C++. Despite the learning curve, Java enforces strong computer science fundamentals that make it one of the best programming languages to learn first.
  • Java Script:
    JavaScript is a client-side language, which executes on the internet browser. This language lets you program complex features on web pages to create dynamically updating content, graphics, and much more. Most of the websites today use Java Script to maintain content in them. Studies have shown that this has been the
    most sought-after language that the companies are looking for. If you want to see your code come to life in a visually-appealing way, JavaScript is the best language to learn for you.

Now that you have the starter pack of what you’re likely to be interested in, the next step is to start learning! We always recommend you start for free to see if you enjoy coding before making a financial investment.