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Four types of information technology security


Cyber security for any technology is one of the most important things to look into for any company, as it takes care of the stability and health and security overall. It’s always advisable to have up-to-date security measures and a dedicated team to monitor the technology, to keep it safe from any kind of threats. Read through to know for of the important types of security measures that are needed basic Four types of information technology security:

Network Security:
No matter a big or a small office, all the devices are most likely connected to a network, which helps the complete team to communicate and share work easily. This also opens up to many external threats which have to be looked into. When the security is not strong, the devices are prone to being attacked by cyber attacks and malware if the infrastructure is not monitored the right way. So, it is always advisable to have the right technology like firewalls and antivirus programs for security. Small initiatives like multi-factor authentication, frequently refreshing passwords, monitored internet access and other safety measures are necessary to keep your work and data safe.

Cloud Security:
If you are a company that uses cloud-based platforms and data storage programs, then it is important you use a reputed supplier. One such example is Google Cloud that helps with security tools that are built into their platforms. Now that there’s a lot of remote working, there has to be cloud security for your software and systems to protect your data.
To start off with, Google Cloud is always a great option, as it gives you everything you’d need to ensure that no one could gain unauthorized access and secure cloud-based data assets.

Application Security:
If you are working or building an app, there are definitely chances of having cyber threats for it. Generally, App developers build security measures during design and development to avoid such threats. So, it is important to use trusted brands if you are accessing them from the network or cloud. One of the threats are business emails. Minimizing the risk of falsely sent emails can rule out the threats you’d probably have for your App. You can also have safety measures for the individual use cases like – the web, the cloud, phones, etc. You can also add measures like Virtual Private Networks(VPNs), a web application firewall, and restricted cloud access.

Internet of Things Security:
The phone that you use to connect with your team for work, and calling clients, the laptop that you use for meetings, the printer you use for scan material, the Wi-fi network you use, are some of the examples that make up the ‘Internet of Things(IoT)’. In the journey of IoT, threats come from anywhere, so it is always important to conduct security risk assessments to find if your network system works fine or not. This generally takes care of the web code to policy management and users.

Considering all the above factors, if you are yet to invest on security for your devices, then this is a sign you should. Ramp up your security for the best use and performance of your team!